The Nuovo San Paolo is now even more secure thanks to being "seismically adapted" in accordance with recent regulations. This is a true rarity for a building of its era and historical importance.

The historic building that gave rise to the splendid Savona of the 19th century, a symbol of the emergence of a new society in step with the most illustrious European cities of the time, is reborn today and offers itself once more as a model of a cultural and social revolution that sees the restoration of the existing heritage, the protection of natural resources and the attention paid to being "people-oriented" as the cornerstones on which the future of our cities is based. The Nuovo San Paolo shows us that a new way of dwelling, working, meeting and living in the city is possible, simply by enhancing that which already exists. The strategic position, the sobriety and grandeur of its forms, its historical and emotional significance means it already has an immense value.