• Solid

    More than a thousand columns in cement and steel embedded in the basement consolidate the foundations and increase the resistance to any horizontal stresses in the event of an earthquake, with the entire building being "wrapped" in a fibre mesh covered in plaster. The impressive and advanced restoration work has resulted in a building that is completely adapted to the local seismic parameters. This is a true rarity for a building of its era and historical importance.


    Buying an apartment in San Paolo is a wise way to invest. The location and quality of the building are a guarantee that it will maintain its value over time. In addition, the IMU (Imposta Municipale Propria, the Municipal Property Tax) has been reduced to 50% for historic buildings, with there also being a tax deduction for first home buyers, deductions in IRPEF (Imposta sul Reddito delle Persone Fisiche, Income Tax) for building supply costs for restorations and the current interest rate level are further reasons to purchase now.


    The complete restoration has allowed each apartment to be equipped with qualifying characteristics that, due to the very nature of the 19th-century city, it is impossible to find under one roof - seismic adaptation, class "A" energy, garages/private parking spaces, private terraces, all exalting the charm of the historic building and the utility of its location with everything close at hand. The beach, the sea, the gardens, the old dock, the port, the medieval city centre and the 19th century downtown area, the theatre, the museums, the Priamar... all these splendours of Savona can be reached in less than five minutes on foot.

  • SAFE

    The vehicular and pedestrian pathways that lead to the residences and those within them are designed to ensure comfort, safety and full accessibility even for those with mobility issues. The entire area will be monitored 24 hours a day, with centralised video surveillance systems also on the garage floors. Return home in comfort and safety.


    No consumption of new territory, no need for new roads or infrastructure, only the restoration and improvement of existing properties. The building uses a geothermal energy source to power the modern systems (heating, cooling and hot water) with high efficiency. The class "A" energy significantly reduces the consumption of electricity. No more gas boilers, no more fossil fuel usage, zero open flames - all resulting in a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions. It is an important contribution to the quality of our life and to the planet.


    The apartments are all designed with structural and installation solutions able to naturally adapt to all housing needs and set up for the most modern automation of the home. The main domestic functions can, on request, be managed through an integrated system that governs the turning on and off of the power and its control, even remotely.